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If you are operating a hospital or hotel, you find linen and uniforms very important. Hence, it is just important to have the finest tracking system. You must conduct an accurate inventory tracking to have an idea of the number of linen and uniforms used. If you have heard of Centrex Laundry Software and RFID Specialists, you better visit their website to check some facts. You will appreciate them for the kind of services that they offer. You must be directed to the Linenweb RFID Solutions to have an idea of the RFID systems.

Since you get so much particular about expenses in your business, you want to slow down spending on the losses of linen and uniforms. As statistics shared, you can even reach 20 to 40% of losses each year. However, you can prevent that from happening if you have the best inventory tracking system. You can even save a lot of money in a matter of 6 months or even less. Upon browsing, you will see a picture of the RFID archway model portal scanning. You see how systematically the team handles soiled linen from entering the laundry.

The system provides detailed tracking and even advanced automation. Hence, you can spot potential losses immediately. Centrex conducts integration with the scanning portals, cart tracking, smart cabinets, and linen location. It can also work to conduct location routing and re-order. It can also work with uniform conveyors, operator indication light systems, sortation systems and even alarms and guest billing. What you like about the system is that it has a long range of mobile system apps. Those applications have scan units providing a powerful management system to provide significant savings to your company from loss elimination, process automation, and inventory optimization.

In other words, you can count on the system if you need inventory aging, facility distribution, wash counts, operator performance, loss analysis, delivery validation, loss alerts, and real-time stock levels. You may also receive emails that contain daily statistics. If you have staff that monitors statistics, you better nominate their names and electronic mail addresses to receive the data. You may integrate those reports for item reissue and automated billing. If you need RFID portals customized, you better call their agents to discuss the sizes, functionality, and inclusion of smart cabinets. They are kind enough to discuss with you the procedures.

You can also ask them to provide system monitoring that is responsible for alerting their support center if there are system issues. Hence, they also monitor all your installed systems and back you up when you need immediate service. If you want to check some photos of their portals, you may get them from the actual site. You may also get in touch with them through social media connections, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you want to contact them for more information and quote, just provide the basic information like full name, phone number, electronic mail address, the subject, and your detailed message.

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