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A temperamental and active creature, the Aries Cat is the most exasperating  of the Zodiac, whose impact is formidable as he or she rushes through life,  leaving a trail of demented impressions behind. This intrepid and adventurous  sould s constantly busy and considers the world to be full of new horizons…all  within the reach of the Aries Cat. Physically, this feline is the epitome of the  species, being lithe and athletic with a superb coat and a resolute gait.  Perpetually on the move…climbing, jumping and flying…he or she is determined  to make the most of the proverbial nine lives. However, the Aries Cat is prone  to headaches, which often strike suddenly and quickly. The cure is a rest  period, but persuading this cat to take one is far from easy since the creature  rarely sleeps, considering catnaps a complete waste of wonderful time. Those who  own an Aries Cat sometimes have a tendency to forget that they have a pet at  all. This feline will seldom be home, far preferring the freedom of the great  open spaces. Indeed, the occasional empty feeding bowl may well be the most  anyone will see of the Aries Cat…or perhaps a tail disappearing through the  cat-flap. The high days and holidays will be the rare times when this cat  chooses to remember he or she possesses an owner and decides to hang around for  a moment or two…which will be quite enough. Shredded curtains, snagged  clothing and upholstery, and dents in all the cushions will leave an owner with  plenty of clearing up to do until the Aries Cat decides to drop by again.

The Aries Cat has no desire to spend evenings in a mutual haze of “stroke and  purr” with his or her owner and a well-balanced, two-sided partnership between  human and cat will never be within the range of this creature. Basically a  loner, if forcibly confined to the lap of one who feels the need for company,  the Aries Cat will quickly convert from a feline to a writhing bundle of  needle-ridden fur. Nonetheless, this cat is capable of considerable warmth and  affection, when he or she feels in the mood…probably in the middle of the  night on some far away roof top. Intolerant of other pets (viewed by the Aries  Cat as intruders), it would be wise for owners to keep any pet birds or goldfish  under lock and key…if not, there is bound to be trouble. It is not unusual to  hear the Aries Cat hissing at any other cats who may have strayed into his or  her territory and this feline is frequently covered with battle scars…perhaps  even a piece or two missing from the ear. In the wild, the Aries Cat would  either be the leader of the pride or second-in-command to a Leo Cat. This feline  needs to be treated as an equal and suffers from a badly bruised ego if spoken  down to.

Natives of Leo and Sagittarius tend to be the most harmonious owners for the  far-from-dull Aries Cat, being able to cope best with the battering-ram approach  of this feline. Since both Leo and Sagittarius possess sufficient personality of  their own, they are able to hold out against the Aries Cat, refusing to allow  him or her to reduce them to subservient positions.

March 20 – April 19:


April 20 – May 20:

The Taurus Cat is totally unflappable…most of the time. This feline is  impossible to shock and well able to hold his or her own in the face of  danger…usually due to the fact that he or she is far too idle to get up and  move out of the way. This cat’s sraightforward approach to life will be easy to  understand. The Taurus Cat is steady and dependable…always where the owner  expects this cat to be and doing what is expected of him or her. In short, the  Taurus Cat is a creature of habit and routine who will never…ever…do  anything unpredictable and to whom catnaps are the breath of life. Physically,  the Taurus Cat will be a large specimen…the kind of feline whose size is often  a conversation piece and one remarked upon by all. He or she will also possess  big, beautiful eyes and an equally huge appetite, which results in the health  problem eventually experienced by most Taurus Cats…obesity. Food can prove to  be the downfall of this feline, even if the owner is extremely careful and  strict with diet. Lack of sustenance may be the only thing that will motivate  the Taurus Cat to get up, go out and complain to the neighbors about the cruelty  of his or her owner. This feline will also be adept at fooling everyone who  enters the kitchen into thinking that nobody has remembered to feed him or her.  When the Taurus Cat is awake, he or she is an amiable companion, well aware of  which hand does the feeding…and determined to ensure that whoever owns that  hand continues to be so generous. If it were not for the fact that this feline  will spend most of his or her life dead to the world (rather like an  inconveniently-placed ball of fur), the Taurus Cat would be the almost perfect  cat. Laid-back, calm, tolerant and near impossible to ruffle, this feline could  be described by some as boring and dogmatic. On the other hand, some believe  that being around a Taurus Cat can lower blood pressure, cure migraines and add  years to the life of an owner.

It will be necessary to vacuum around, dust around and step over this feline.  The Taurus Cat sleeps most of time and during slumber, nothing will awaken him  or her. This cat rarely allows paws or torso to lose contact with a solid  surface…partly because he or she will be too heavy to move very far, but more  so through a genuine need to be in constant touch with the ground. The Taurus  Cat has an innate affinity with the earth and will spend hours studying wild  life, lying in the sun and not moving a muscle. It is foolish to expect this cat  to become a “mouser” who will actually help out around the house by keeping down  the number of unwanted intruders. To this feline, such an activity would be far  too much like hard work. The female Taurus Cat truly comes into her own when she  is allowed to breed…a life surrounded by kittens is her idea of bliss.

Natives of many signs are appreciative of the more elusive yet finer points  of the Taurus Cat…most notably Capricorn, Cancer and Virgo. Owners governed by  any of these three Zodiac Signs will find the Taurus Cat to be ideal and have  little problem in curbing the desire to hurry or chivvy this feline along. Since  this cat tends to radiate peace and contentment, the Taurus Cat is a perfect  companion for seniors and individuals troubled by illness or bouts of  depression. In short, the Taurus Cat thrives in an atmosphere which is familiar  and built upon routine.

May 21 – June 20:

Gemini is the Sign of the kitten-cat…the exaggeratedly playful feline who  is fickle and indecisive to the point of distraction. Blessed with the gift of  eternal youth, this cat will fritter away his or her life in a muddled confusion  of comings and goings…ditherings and datherings…for this is the born  explorer of the cat world. The Gemini Cat is a highly intellectual creature but  lacks the ability to make much sense, twittering and squawking at owners most of  the time. This feline is a lively and enthusiastic cat, but possesses something  of a split personality, which only serves to further complicate an already  complex character. It is not often that the feline species will obey a human  command, but many Gemini Cats seem to be the exception. Being the most  communicative Sign of the Zodiac, these felines appear to actually understand  the human language and may even “meow” back as if in answer. Though adverse to  being restrained for such basic tasks as baths and nail-clipping, the  intelligent nature of the Gemini Cat will allow an owner to prevail…provided  the nasty experience is supplemented with loving praise and a favored treat.  Physically, the Gemini Cat will always stand out as the cat with two heads…an  optical illusion which arises from the ceaselessly agile movements and restless  gestures. A highly-strung, hyperactive soul, this feline will possess small  features and brightly-eager eyes that are constantly on the move. The Gemini Cat  is sleek and long-limbed, possessed with probably the most acute eyesight of its  species. The actions of this feline will always be erratic. He or she advances  in short, quick flits which stop as suddenly as they started. Then, this feline  will be off at a tangent from his or her original direction. Problems often  surface when this cat is expected to do something that he or she does not want  to do…perhaps stay inside at night, for example. Under such circumstances, the  Gemini Cat will respond by collapsing in a heap of nervous exhaustion, refusing  to move and expecting to be waited on hand-and-paw until the restriction is  lifted. Being exceptionally bright creatures, the Gemini Cat will soon learn how  to open any cat-flap.

The Gemini Cat views the home as one glorious adventure playground created  especially for his or her enjoyment. This feline will cavort endlessly, sliding  down banisters and climbing up curtains, but hardly ever sits still long enough  for a cuddle. It is hard to believe that just one cat could cover so much ground  and create such widespread destruction in a 24-hour span as can the Gemini  Cat…but he or she is only doing what comes naturally. In general, the Gemini  Cat is a charmer…a true social success capable of winning over even the most  fervent cat-hater. The fun-loving nature and bubbly personality of this feline  makes for a thoroughly entertaining pet…provided the owner can cope with the  chaos which is sure to follow in his or her wake and is prepared to provide  plenty of emotional support. The ancient astrologers made Gemini the ruler of  sparrows, so any owner should be prepared for this feline to drop the occasional  dead offering at his or her feet.

The Gemini Cat really comes into his or her own when living with a Libra  owner and the infectious happiness will be quite obvious. Though Libra is  nowhere near as flippant as Gemini, these two signs will share a rather lively  relationship. The second-best choice for an owner of the Gemini Cat would  probably be an Aquarius native, provided water does not comes into play too  often. This feline finds it easy to make friends with most animals, including  dogs, and simply adores the companionship of other cats.


June 21 – July 22:

The Cancer Cat is difficult to describe and difficult to know. This basically  shy feline will be an emotional bottomless pit, alternately enveloped in  happiness and despair for no apparent rhyme or reason. This cat will never be  able to feel anything lightly and his or her depth of feeling will be so extreme  that everyone in the immediate vicinity will be dragged into it. An adaptable  and variable creature, the Cancer Cat is tenacious, unpredictable, true to his  or her nocturnal nature and somewhat on the moody side. Physically, the Cancer  Cat invariably has a small, pursed mouth…a sure indication of his or her  Zodiac Sign. More often than not, he or she will also be unusually angular for a  cat, possessing an amiable expression which conceals the inner turmoil.  Motivated by the Moon, the life of the Cancer Cat will be one long chapter of  accidents which eat into his or her quota of lives. Extreme stress or too much  over-excitement will quickly lead to physical collapse and few Cancer Cats live  to old age. Relationship with the home is of vital importance to this  feline…something an owner must never forget. Humans are simply considered to  be “extra furniture” to the Cancer Cat, deemed useful only if regular meals are  served and the surroundings kept warm. This feline uses the home as a place to  sleep away the daylight hours. When night arrives, the Cancer Cat truly comes  into his or her own…out on the prowl and singing to the neighbors when the  Moon is full. Indeed, these felines do so love the sound of their own voices.  The Cancer Cat is no fighter and will usually back away timidly from any  confrontation…much like the infamous Cowardly Lion from the “Wizard of  Oz.”

In a somewhat distant type of way, the Cancer Cat can be a loving creature to  anyone who is around long enough and up late enough to get to see him or her on  occasion. Akin to ships that pass in the night, an owner will pick up on dim  signals that indicate the Cancer Cat considers his or her human as more than  just a stranger. There may possibly even be a feeling of togetherness as this  cat sleeps through the day in the middle of the kitchen, but it is important not  be too easily fooled. Should the necessity arise to move residence, the Cancer  Cat is likely to refuse to follow…humans simply do not mean that much to this  feline. Nevertheless, this cat does have the uncanny ability to melt a human  heart with his or her constant desire for affection.

Natives of Pisces will be able to enjoy and appreciate the vagaries of the  Moonstruck Cancer Cat. Scorpio owners are also compatible, being independent  enough to recognize this trait in others…even so, any relationship with a  Cancer Cat is sure to turn out more than a little one-sided. Nevertheless, this  feline is instinctively gentle with children and the elderly, and responds well  to tender loving care, adoring the feeling of being pampered. The Cancer Cat  probably has the most excellent memory of the feline species and, if treated  badly, will not soon forgive or forget.

July 23 – August 22:

The Leo Cat is a pretentious cat…one who is domineering and ostentatious,  pumped-up with such an overwhelming opinion of superiority as to believe himself  or herself ruler of all that is surveyed. Known to be a gregarious, extrovert  and lucky character (nine lives are only the beginning for the Leo Cat), this  feline is convinced that he or she possesses high intelligence and feels every  ounce of suffering because it is necessary to live among fools. Occasionally the  Leo Cat will relax…chase his or her tail…bite his or her toes…but most of  the time, this cat will remain composed, as befits a true monarch of the realm.  Physically, the Leo Cat will have such a commanding presence and stately bearing  that it will be hard to believe that this feline does not spend a great deal of  time with a book on his or her head…but these characteristics will be inborn,  along with a symmetrical body, well-proportioned limbs and the grace of a  ballerina. The Leo Cat often fares well in the show ring, frequently blessed  with long hair and exceptionally beautiful features…particularly the Persian  varieties. This cat is usually a healthy and well-adjusted creature. However,  perfection is rare…even in the Leo Cat…and the flaw associated with this  feline will be a weak back. Excessive climbing about on rooftops will prove to  be a constant risk and it would be better for any owner to allow this cat exit  through an open door rather than leaving him or her to manoeuvre through a  cat-flap.

To a Leo Cat, home is his or her castle…the place where minions are  entertained and advisors are consulted. Home is where this feline performs to  large audiences and even hosts state banquets…all at the expense of his or her  owner and, usually, inconvenience. A houseful of other people’s cats can be  somewhat distressing (to say nothing of the smell). There is little an owner can  do to discourage this habit…short of wiring shut the windows, fitting bolts to  all the doors and serving only the plainest of food. A born entertainer, the Leo  Cat will charm company, wrapping around a favored person’s leg before leaping  into his or her arms without warning. Provided an owner can keep up his or her  end and show that the pretence of this feline may be penetrated to reveal the  cuddly inner-cat then, as a friend, there will be none better than the Leo Cat.  This cat is intensely loyal (in his or her own way) and equally as faithful as  he or she is self-opinionated. In fact, as cats go, this feline can be quite a  friendly soul. However, being inherently jealous by nature, the Leo Cat does not  care to be in a houseful of other animals who will doubtless compete for  attention. Although a confident creature, this cat is proud and easily  embarassed, with surprisingly fragile feelings.

The Leo Cat is usually happiest with an Aries native, since Aries is  sufficiently quick-witted to remain one step ahead of this feline. A Sagittarius  native is another good choice for reasonable contentment. Sagittarius is able to  enjoy the lighter moments with the Leo Cat and not be overly-bothered by the  weight of it all. It is not unusual for the wealthy to instinctively choose a  Leo Cat and such pampered pets bask happily in the high-quality collars and  sumptuously-pillowed baskets that come with having a rich owner.


August 23 – September 22:

The Virgo Cat is the near-perfect domestic cat. Governed by the most  malleable of all Zodiac Signs, this will be the creature closest to the ideal  feline pet. Thorough and conscientious in everything this cat sets his or her  mind to, the Virgo Cat is a joy to have around…except when he or she is being  critical. However, laziness annoys this feline more than anything and any owner  who is not up with the birds, preparing breakfast for the Virgo Cat, will be  left in no doubt as to what this feline thinks of such slovenly behavior.  Physically, the Virgo Cat possesses an intelligent yet critical expression which  can create a dismal appearance. From behind and in profile, this will be a  handsome cat and to those who can ignore the disdainful sniffs and raised  eyebrows, this feline can be attractive. With a wiry body and strong, muscular  build, this cat is athletic and agile. Most of the time, the Virgo Cat will  worry his or her owner to death from continually trying to do too much. Indeed,  this is not a totally unfounded fear since, every now and again, the Virgo Cat  will suddenly collapse upon the carpet, apparently breathing his or her last.  Fortunately, this turn of events does not last long and the Virgo Cat is soon  back in action. This feline is also a victim to allergies in many instances and  the tender skin of the Virgo Cat often reacts adversely to flea powder. To have  a feline ruled by Virgo as a family member is something like having a little  guilty conscience who will continually remind his or her owners of where they  are going wrong. The Virgo Cat is fussy…particularly when it concerns  food…and when the supper bowl is placed upon the floor, this feline’s  expression seems to ask: “Is it pure?” Nothing which comes out of a tin will be  satisfactory…nor will leftovers. Only freshly-cooked fish or chicken will be  tolerated, and then only when it is delivered with thoroughly-scrubbed hands. It  is essential that the Virgo Cat be served his or her meal in the same place and  at the same time every day. He or she will also react in a negative fashion to  any sudden change in diet, and harsh smells (such as air fresheners or cleaning  chemicals, for example) will often bother and offend the Virgo Cat.

This feline is fanatical about keeping clean and may spend more time preening  than any other cat in the Zodiac. There are times when the Virgo Cat tends to  drive his or her owner to the point of distraction, but banishment to the garden  might ease the situation somewhat. Outside, with nature at paw’s reach, this  feline will forget all his or her problems and hang-ups. Birdwatching or other  type of nature study will quickly relax the Virgo Cat, while giving the owner  some breathing space at the same time. However, it would truly be foolish to  expect this feline to catch any mice. The Virgo Cat is hopeless when it comes to  hunting and would much rather play than kill. Most relationships involving the  Virgo Cat are basically shallow. He or she will be too concerned with planning  upcoming moves to develop deep feelings, unless the companion in question  happens to be a dog…the Virgo Cat adores canines and has even been known to  prefer dog food to fish.

A dog governed by Capricorn makes the best companion for this feline…in  much the same way as a Capricorn human usually proves to be the most sympathetic  owner. The Virgo Cat also relates well to those ruled by the Sign of Taurus. If  there is no room for a dog in the family, then a Taurus-governed parakeet will  provide the Virgo Cat with hours of amusement…leaving he or she with less time  to nit-pick at the behavior of an owner. Being intuitively aware of what is  needed and more than happy to oblige, the Virgo Cat is a perfect companion for  the blind and hearing-impaired. It is not unusual to find this feline perched  upon a sunny windowsill, where he or she can keep a careful eye on the little  feathered fellows visiting the feeder.


September 23 – October 22:

From the very start, the cute little Libra kitten will be so unsure of what  is expected, that he or she will model a lifestyle on that of the owner, copying  mannerisms and patterns of behavior, which can be somewhat disarming. Such  studious dedication will be daunting in one so young, as this tiny feline  devotes hours to careful observations and practice. Most owners soon become  accustomed to watching tiny, four-legged images of themselves walk around, but a  few never come to terms with the idea. The Libra Cat is a fair creature and will  expect to be treated as well by his or her owner as that owner treats himself or  herself. Completely indecisive, this feline will never know whether he or she  wants to come in…or go out. In short, the Libra Cat is fidgety, often moving  from an owner’s lap, to the radiator and then to the sofa in an effort to find  the most comfortable spot. It has been said that this feline a “love dimple  under the chin, a lovely mouth and a right merry countenance.” In comfortable  surroundings, the Libra Cat will project an atmosphere of well-being which is  pleasant to be around. “Lazy Libra” has also been said of this cat, which is not  totally unfounded since some of them are far too indolent…lying about all day  thinking about things and then sleeping it off. Such listless behavior can lead  to weight problems which may be very difficult to rectify. A cat who is so fat  that no legs are visible is not much fun and will not be particularly happy or  healthy. To make matters worse, this cat has a healthy appetite and not adverse  to eating just about anything which is put into his or her bowl. However, if the  owner is caring and sensible, drastic weight gain can be avoided and the Libra  Cat can remain as hale and sylphlike as any of his or her feline cousins.  Destiny dictates that the pretty Libra Cat will invariably blend-in with his or  her surroundings. Therefore, an owner should not be surprised if his or her  tabby Libra Cat appears to match the carpet.

With a Libra Cat in an owner’s lap (this feline’s most stategic vantage  point), there will be little or nothing an owner can get away with and privacy  will be a thing of the past. This cat wants to be close to his or her owner all  day, every day…watching, learning, thinking and copying. It is only in this  fashion that the Libra Cat can achieve personal fulfillment…by literally  basing himself or herself on somebody else. If the Libra Cat is denied this…if  the owner is an active, doing type of person, for example…then this feline  will be a sad and sorrowful cat…a cat without purpose who constantly wonders  what it is all about. Nevertheless, in exchange for the tedious habit of  constantly plaguing his or her owner for affection, the Libra Cat will be a  truly loving and devoted feline. An inherent urge for unity with others will  make it natural for this cat to create an atmosphere of harmonious relationships  with home companions…and of dire importance to this feline is to be among  people who are sympathetically inclined. The Libra Cat so cherishes the family,  that he or she may pace and cry at the door if left alone. With a tendency to  adjust to the owner’s schedule, this cat will expect his or her owner to arrive  home at the same time each evening. Thus, it is necessary for those who choose a  Libra Cat as a pet to be aware of the creature’s sensitive nature and make every  effort to not cause unnecessary worry. This feline truly possesses a heart of  gold and will turn even a non-cat person into an istant ally…although there is  no doubt that the Libra Cat can be a little pushy with guests at times.

Natives of Aquarius and Pisces usually enjoy owning a Libra Cat. Living with  one of these two human Zodiac Signs…preferably in a country setting…will be  gratifyingly dependent for the Libra Cat. The most dangerous owner for this  feline is one governed by Aries…an Aries native is sure to sap what little  confidence the Libra Cat might be able to muster, leaving the creature a mere  shadow of what he or she might have been.

October 23 – November 21:

The Scorpio Cat is a powerful cat with more than a mere sting in his or her  tail. This resourceful and intelligent feline will delight in organizing things  and people, finding the normal business of the domestic cat to be boring and  mundane. Determination is the guiding force of the Scorpio Cat…and it is  indeed a force to be reckoned with. Felines in general are never easy to fathom  and this particular feline is akin to a never-ending pit, being secretive,  self-controlled and devious. Deep inside (if the owner is ever able to delve  that far), the Scorpio Cat is truly a rather mixed-up cat, desperately seeking  love and security. A Scorpio Cat may usually be recognized by a muscular body  and beautiful eyes…the ideal specimen being one with jet-black fur and eyes of  deep emerald green. However, the most notable feature will be the mask of  imperturbability. Later in life, this feline stands out from the rest by his or  her waddling walk…the result of over-eating…and often has bow legs. Normally  healthy, when this cat does become poorly, then he or she will be extremely ill.  Under such circumstances, the Scorpio Cat expects (and usually receives) all the  tender, loving care due to such a sick member of the family. At the first sign  of ill health (often a dry nose and labored breathing), even if it is suspected  that this feline is malingering yet again, it is vital to book him or her into  intensive care at the vet’s office. If this is not done, then the Scorpio Cat  considers the owner to be a failure who did not respond as expected. It will  take a very long time for the Scorpio Cat to forgive this and the damaged  relationship may never be repaired.

The Scorpio Cat will always remain a puzzle to the family…never where an  owner thinks he or she might be…never doing what he or she should be doing.  This is all a game to the Scorpio Cat…fooling the owner and leaving his or her  human guessing. However, any owner of this feline will be in dire trouble if he  or she guesses wrong. When this cat is cold, then he or she fully expects that  the heating should be turned on. But, the Scorpio Cat will not hover by a  radiator and shiver…he or she is far more likely to sit by the refrigerator,  washing his or her paws. If the owner offers food and not heat then, in the eyes  of the Scorpio Cat, that owner has failed. This all comes about because the  Scorpio Cat finds it well-night impossible to express true feelings. Conversely,  he or she will be deeply intuitive of others where feelings are concerned,  possessing the gift of empathy and the ability to read emotions. This feline  senses when an owner desires companionship and when he or she would rather be  left alone. The Scorpio Cat is always strangely drawn to those unfortunate  humans who are not fond of cats. If such an individual is invited into the home  and tries to banish the Scorpio Cat, it will fail to work. This feline somehow  manages to get into the room and insists on paying the visitor in question an  abundance of attention…sitting on the guest or rubbing against the guest, or  dribbling all over them. However, at the end of the day, the Scorpio Cat is  basically a one-person cat. He or she will single out a member of the family  with whom to bond and the rest will be virtually ignored. This feline does  become genuinely attached, but in a rather aloof sort of way…offering  companionship in return for a high standard of living. The Scorpio Cat likes to  crawl around inside of objects…such as boxes and cabinets…and, being a born  hunter, adores being outside.

A Scorpio Cat usually does best with a Scorpio owner. However, a native of  Cancer would also a good choice, despite the fact that both are strong-minded,  tenacious and complex. The next best owner would likley be a Pisces subject,  although such an owner would need to be careful lest his or her “watery”  instincts add further confusion to the Scorpio Cat’s inclinations. Most owners  of Scorpio Cats tend to develop a special telepathic bond with this mysterious  feline. The Scorpio Cat always seems to know just what his or her human is  thinking, easily senses danger, and will arrive for dinner just moments before  being called. If there is a death in the family, then the Scorpio Cat is likely  to be the first to know. This feline is the sacred cat which was revered by the  Egyptians. Strange and arcane, the Scorpio Cat brings luck and protection to his  or her owner. In short, the Scorpio Cat is pure magic.


November 22 – December 21:

The Sagittarius Cat will be a cat of long voyages, dreams and visions,  possessing the speed and power of a horse coupled with the limited brain and  wisdom of a cat. Something of a split personality, this feline is driven by two  forces which can combine to produce amazing behavior. Subject to serendipity,  this cat is often in the wrong place at the right time. The feline stuck up a  tree is likely a Sagittarius Cat. A totally positive, energetic, cheeful and  optimistic soul, this cat will be a joy to have around…particularly if the  owner also keeps horses. This feline needs freedom and a flexible lifestyle with  plenty of challenge. It is important that an owner never try to confine or  restrict the Sagittarius Cat for this feline will know exactly how to retaliate  with disastrous results. The Sagittarius Cat believes that he or she resembles a  horse. The sharply-pointed ears and snub nose belie this illusion, although the  hair or whiskers may well be long like the mane of a horse. Broad shoulders lend  this feline a thick-set appearance from the front, while from the rear, he or  she looks more like the stalk-end of a pear. The Sagittarius Cat is unable to  sit still for longer than a minute or two and walks with the stride of a drill  sergeant. Most of the time this feline is almost disgustingly healthy, but is  prone to hip dysplasia…a painful complaint that should be dealt with as soon  as it is suspected. This cat is driven by such a primitive urge for  self-protection beyond the immediate environment that it is not unusual to  hardly ever see him or her. The garden next door will always prove to be more  exciting and the Sagittarius Cat will launch from one frantic activity into the  next glorious adventure…so much so that often the only sign of this feline may  well be a glimpse of fur disappearing into the distance. This cat will never be  a very noticeable addition to the family…acting more as a passing guest who  drops in occasionally and then drops out again almost before he or she has had  time for a meal.

The Sagittarius Cat can be a truly sincere cat, capable of bestowing a  considerable amount of affection…when he or she is actually present to do so.  However, this feline be a mixture of fact and fantasy, unable to tell the  difference between the two. He or she may be a cat today and a horse  tomorrow…or even a dog the day after that. It will be the responsbility of the  owner to sort out this confusion since the Sagittarius Cat will be even more  befuddled than his or her human. It can help if there are other animals in the  household, as this provides practical stimulation for the Sagittarius Cat, who  is fond of feline companionship and delighted to allow another cat (or even more  than one) to share home and family. Still, the true love of this feline’s life  will always be horses. The Sagittarius Cat will spend countless happy hours  playing “shipwreck” on the beams of the stable…revelling in the frantic  behavior of the panicked animals below. The Sagittarius Cat likes affection, but  hates to be smothered. He or she will be a popular, if aloof, feline who  frequently refuses to mix with the “common” type of cat found in the wrong  neighborhood. This feline holds his or her tail high in the face of evil and  finds good in almost every aspect of life. Although cats are born hunters, the  Sagittarius Cat will innocently watch a bird or mouse go on about its business  and never once attempt to pounce. Since the Sagittarius Cat loves to  chew…often on things that are dangerous, such as plastic bags, electrical  wires,yarn, plants, and the like…it is vital that the environment be kept  safe.

The ideal owner for a Sagittarius Cat is one who is also a native of  Sagittarius, since neither will be around enough to realize that the other is  not there. Aries subjects also get on well with this cat, since the heated  arguments and temper tantrums will inspire them both. A Leo native, with his or  her inherent open outlook and tolerance, also makes for a good owner and is  likely to experience some true enjoyment from the personality of the Sagittarius  Cat.

December 22 – January 19:

The Capricorn Cat is a serious and shy creature, rarely taking time out for  fun. In addition, this feline is probably one of the most selfish Zodiac. A  prudent soul from the start, the Capricorn Cat will work calmly and deliberately  toward the achievement of his or her life’s ambition. This feline will plod  through life in a punctillious way, head turned to the skies, falling over his  or her own paws. This cat is constantly working out ways to improve his or her  lot, and devising schemes to eliminate the owner’s shortcomings. The Capricorn  Cat harbors a great desire to climb ever-higher up the ladder of social success  but will never be the “life and soul of the party” type. Physically, the  Capricorn Cat is difficult to recognize by appearance alone. Ugly knees are  really the only obvious characteristic attributable to this feline. The fur is  usually sleek and lank and the expression slightly despondent. Indeed, this  feline is very much an ordinary sort of cat, unlikely to draw any laudible gasps  of admiration as he or she waddles across the floor. Possessed of a strong  maternal/paternal instinct, the Capricorn Cat will view all the world’s  inhabitants as his or her “children.” This feline often enjoys doing things that  are out of the ordinary, such as sleeping in the bathtub on hot days or drinking  water directly from the faucet. The Capricorn Cat is frequently frightened by  things that do not normally bother other cats…shadows on the wall, the dark or  high places, for example. In fact, it is likely that this feline feels most  secure when sleeping under the bed or tucked behind shoes in a closet.

The Capricorn Cat prefers city life to country living. This feline is ideally  suited for the position of Chief Mouser at the Town Hall, where hours could be  whiled away playing with red tape. In the beginning, the Capricorn kitten  appears to be fitting-in quickly. He or she will be house-trained almost  overnight and may only once make the mistake of jumping onto the kitchen table.  Later, however, it will become apparent that this feline has trained the family  to live his or her own way…doing what he or she wants to do, when he or she  wants to do it. Many stray cats seem to be governed by the Sign of Capricorn and  such kittens are often abandoned when they are very young…luckily, they appear  to adapt quite well to a life in the wild. Personal interaction is important to  the Capricorn Cat. This feline’s instinctive understanding of human frailty  means that he or she will be more than generous in overlooking an owner’s  shortcomings…perceiving them as trials that this feline is obliged to bear in  order to help him or her along the road to success. Constantly hopeful of  improving the personal standard of living, however, there is always a strong  chance that this cat will move out of his or her present home in order to assume  residence in a more affluent household.

Natives of Virgo tend to be the most responsive to the Capricorn Cat. Virgo  subjects are generous enough to accept this feline’s teachings, as well as being  down-to-earth enough to realize when the Capricorn Cat is rising above his or  her station. Natives of Libra and Taurus may also find harmony with the  Capricorn Cat, but this feline is liable to drive any Sagittarius native to  total distraction.

January 20 – February 18:

Whether sitting in the rain or pouring cold water on an owner’s ideas, the  Aquarius Cat will be an unconventional sort of soul, easily bored and constantly  seeking change. Watery at times and elusive at others, this feline is an  exceedingly kind and honest cat…when he or she happens to be in the vicinity.  Indeed, the Aquarius Cat is like no other in the Zodiac. Very independent and,  at heart, a loner, this feline is infamous for being more than a little  eccentric…often preferring chocolate to fish, choosing to sleep in the dog’s  basket, or even displaying great enjoyment in taking a bath. If permitted, the  Aquarius Cat will spend hours exploring nature. Deep down inside, this cat is a  tomboy…regardless of gender…and adores anything that requires running  around. The Aquarius Cat also loves to climb. Physically, the male Aquarius Cat  usually has a noble profile, tending to be tall for a cat and pale ginger in  color. However, regardless of gender, this cat is prone to poor circulation and  cold extremeties, which could prove to be a problem for everyone in the Winter  when he or she attempts to snuggle up under the comforter at night. This  circulatory condition can also lead to varicose veins which, if not caught in  time, could develop into a major ailment. Plenty of exercise is needed by the  Aquarius Cat, being the best natural answer to this feline’s health  troubles.

In general, the Aquarius Cat is reliable, good-natured and intelligent enough  to recognize the advantages of sharing life with humans. He or she will be  around much of the time…watching but unseen. The tendency to be aloof is a  quality often associated with the Sign of Aquarius, but there will be occasions  when this feline becomes worried that the owner may not continue to provide if  he or she does not appear more dependent upon human generosity and any owner  should make the most of it when the Aquarius Cat comes down to play and  amuse…these will be rare occurrances and practically the only quality time an  owner will ever have with this feline. Contact with humans (albeit from a  distance) is more important to an Aquarius Cat than the time spent with other  felines and his or her best friends are likely to be birds. This cat will  attract people with an incredibly strange allure until he or she has a battery  of acquaintances of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. The Aquarius  Cat needs a large extended family in order to satisfy social needs, but an owner  should be prepared for this feline to organize gatherings. Luckily, there are  peaceful times since the Aquarius Cat does enjoy paying visits to others in  their own surroundings…just as much as he or she delights in running an open  house.

Blessed with the ability to get along with almost everyone, the Aquarius Cat  truly comes into his or her own with a Libra native. This combination is the  closest thing to a perfect human/cat relationship, the pairing being completely  content together. Gemini subjects may also develop an intelligent relationship  with the Aquarius Cat, based on reason and mutual understanding. Like all those  governed by the Sign of Aquarius (regardless of species), this feline is drawn  to performing for the masses and the cat on television who is happily munching  on a bowl of Meow Mix is, more likely than not, a native of Aquarius. This cat  rarely displays emotions and is not inclined to sulk or complain unless truly  bothered by something.


February 19 – March 20:

The Pisces Cat is double trouble, quite difficult to follow and impossible to  understand. At one and the same time, this feline will be both stable and  inconsistent…fun-loving and moody…friendly but unncommunicative. Often  two-faced, the Pisces Cat will be adept at two-timing the most intelligent  human. This cat is the “dupli-cat”…the feline who sees double and does  everything twice in the event something may have been overlooked the first time.  Sensitive and blessed with the ability to see inside the souls of others,  however, the Pisces Cat can also be kind, gentle, understanding, aware and able  to adjust to almost any given situation. Physically, this feline is usually  insignificant in appearance, so small that he or she will hardly be there at all  and, when it is possible to see through the thin, soft fur, there will be a  pallid and uninteresting complexion. Yet, this cat’s extraordinary grace of  movement and unparalleled delicacy of gesture helps to counteract such a boring  visual image. Every attitude adopted…and there will be plenty of them…is  worthy of being immortalized in clay. The Pisces Cat is frail and susceptible to  vague, niggling ailments if not carefully looked after.

The Pisces Cat would actually prefer a life at sea. Forced to live in an  ordinary house, this feline will become aquatic, demanding that the faucets be  turned on in the tub so that he or she can play in the water. This cat rushes to  help with every flush heard from the bathroom and is fascinated by a draining  sink. He or she will also display a distinct penchant for rainy days and puddles  above dry days, and will always want to share this passion with an owner by  jumping into his or her lap while totally soaked. The Pisces Cat would likely be  the first to admit that he or she is not the “be all and end all” of the feline  species, but is quite content to assume the position of a small cog in the  larger family group…filling in odd corners for people rather than trying to  take over as so many other cats are inclined to do. This feline is  extraordinarily sensitive to those with whom he or she lives, sharing their  innermost problems. Many Pisces Cats are psychic, instinctively aware in advance  of what owners are going to do and will quickly become scarce if the anticipated  activity is something unpleasant…such as a worming pill or a dose of  de-fleaing.

Natives of Cancer and Scorpio tend to get on best with the economic “two for  the price of one” bundle which is the Pisces Cat. Cancer subjects possess a big  enough sense of humor to actually enjoy this feline’s many quirks and  peculiarities, while Scorpio subjects will combine their psychic powers with  that of the Pisces Cat, making for something of a psychedlic atmosphere at  times. Any owner of this feline should expect the cat to be often sitting by the  feet, wrapping around legs, gazing into the eyes of his or her human, and  “conversing” with a sympathetic cat sigh. Indeed, the Pisces Cat often mirrors  the emotions of his or her owner. This feline also enjoys soft music and  relishes being near flowing water.

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