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Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe Cat


Snowshoe Cat

The Snowshoe cat breed is a favorite of people who like the Siamese look but are not keen on the svelte body and head type of today’s show Siamese. Many of today’s Showshoe breeders also breed the Traditional Siamese.

The Snowshoe is a medium-sized shorthaired cat with a semi-foreign body style look that combines the look of its American Shorthair ancestors with the body length of the Siamese.  The body is moderately long with surprising heavy for its size, firm and muscular but not extreme. The legs are of good length with medium boning and in proportion to the torso. The tail is medium at the base, slightly and gradually tapering to the end; the length is in proportion to the torso.

Snowshoe Cat Information

The head is wedge shaped with high-set cheekbones and is nearly as wide as it is long as it resembles an equilateral triangle. The muzzle is in proportion to the head with a gentle break . The nose is of good length in proportion to the rest of the head.

In profile, two distinct, even planes can be seen, separated by a slight stop or gentle curve at the nose bridge. The chin is firm. The ears are medium in size, alert, slightly rounded at the tips and broad at the base. The eyes are medium in size, oval or rounded oval with greater length than width, and slanted to the base of the ears. The eyes do not protrude. Bright, sparkling blue eyes that stand out against the contrasting color of the points is preferred; in TICA any shade of blue is acceptable.

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