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Pixiebob Cat

Pixiebob Cat


Pixiebob Cat

The Pixiebob cat breed is domestic breed who resembles the bobcat but has a loving, friendly nature. This medium to large, well-muscled body is heavily boned, substantial and has great depth, with a broad, well-developed chest. The prominent shoulder blades produce a rolling gait.

The back of this cat has a dip behind the shoulders with a slight upward slope as the back approaches toward the hips. The hips are medium width, prominent and slightly higher than the shoulders. The flanks are deep and powerful, and both males and females have a belly pouch.

Pixiebob Cat Information

The legs are long, with heavy boning and musculature. The feet must appear sound and are large, long and wide, almost round, with big knuckles and fleshy toes. Polydactyly is allowed, with seven toes maximum per paw. The legs and wrists must be straight when viewed from the front. All toes must point forward and rest on the floor. Adult males weigh from 12 to 18 pounds; adult females weigh from 8 to 15 pounds. There are no allowable outcrosses.

The ideal tail should be articulated, but Kinks and curls are accepted. Minimum length is two inches, while the maximum is the length of the hock when the hind leg is fully extended. The tail is carried low when relaxed. The tails are not consistent, however; they range from extremely short to ordinary length. Pixiebobs with docked tails cannot be shown for championship.

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