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Peterbald Cat

Peterbald Cat


Peterbald Cat Breed

Peterbald’s are graceful cats that at first glance appear to be hairless, but in fact, most are covered with short, fine down. Like the Sphynx, it’s more accurate to say the ideal Peterbald cat is furless. When you reach done to pat this cat you’ll feel it’s body warm and soft to the touch, and the texture of a this hairless cat is soft and supple, like suede.

Peterbald Cat Information

Peterbalds vary in their amount of hairlessness. Each kitten in the same litter can have a variety of hair types, from fine down to a full, straight coat, depending upon the genetic makeup of the parents. It’s thought that polygenes can greatly influence the coat, or lack thereof. Some Peterbalds have fine down over their entire bodies; the down may or may not disappear with age. Some cats lose the pattern with which they were born when they lose their coat. With others, the pattern goes more than fur deep and remains visible on the skin when the coat is lost. Some cats have what is called a brush coat—a full, dense coat with short, curly hairs, or a coat with sparsely scattered short, curly hairs over the entire body. Cats with the brush coats are not preferred in the show ring, but are essential to the breeding program.

The Peterbald is medium-sized with wrinkles over most of its body. Wrinkles are found on the head, at the base of the neck, the base of the tail, the top of the legs and down both sides of the body to the underbelly. (All domestic cats are wrinkled, but their fur makes the wrinkles impossible to see.) The body is long, sturdy and lean , with firm musculature and medium-fine boning. The legs are long. The feet are oval and medium in size, with long, agile, prominent toes. The tail is long, straight and whippy. The neck is long and slender.

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