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Persian Cat

Persian Cat

Persian Cat orange

Persian Cat Breed

The Persian cat is one of the worlds oldest known breed of cats. While the early history isn’t entirely known, it is generally accepted that the early cats came from Persia (now Iran) and Turkey. Italian traveller Pietro della Valle is credited with bringing the first Persian cats back to Europe, arriving in his homeland of Italy in 1620 with them.

By the early 1800’s the Persian had become a popular breed in Europe and the first Persian cats arrived in America in the late 1800’s. In the Harpers Weekly supplement dated January, 27, 1872 there is an picture of several cat exhibits from the London Crystal Palace show, including an Persian cats.


Persian Cat Information

Persian cats have a sweet and gentle nature. Typically they have a laid back personality. They are an affectionate breed and enjoy the company of their carers.

Persians are a quiet cat, easy going and generally get along with other pets and family members although boisterous children should be avoided.

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This Persian Cat’s Got Attitude

This Persian Cat’s Got Attitude

Marty the cat
Angry Persian Cat

This Persian Cat’s Got Attitude

Jennifer Morales’ Persian cat has some serious attitude as can be seen in this Youtube video.

Seated on the coffee table it it’s owners home, the cat looks annoyed as it taunts Jennifer be pushing the TV remote towards the tables edge before pushing it off.

With an evil glare, the cat then proceeds to push a glass to the edge while the own pleads NO, NO, NO causing the cat to hesitate.

Finally with one last stare at the Jennifer the cat pushes the glass one little bit more, knocking it off the table where it breaks on the floor.




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