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Devon Rex Cat

Devon Rex Cat


Devon Rex Cat Breed

A kitten born in Devon, England, in 1959, named Kirlee, was thought that it shared the same genetic makeup as the Cornish Rex, a breed started 10 years earlier in nearby Cornwall.  After testing the breed it was soon established that Kirlee was unique, a result of a natural genetic mutation.

As suggested by the name, Kirlee had a wavy coat. It’s thought that the cats ancestry came from  a stray mother, and the father was thought to be a roaming tom who had a curly coat.

Devon Rex Cat Information

Kirlee became the father of a new breed, the Devon Rex, named for his birthplace of Devonshire, as well as his curly coat, which had a texture reminiscent of that of a rex rabbit. Less than a decade later, in 1968, a Devon Rex had emigrated to the United States. The Cat Fanciers Association gave the breed full recognition in 1979.


The Devon Rex cat weighs 5 to 10 pounds.


The Devon’s favorite perch is right at head level, on the shoulder of his favorite person. He takes a lively interest in everything that is going on and refuses to be left out of any activity. Count on him to stay as close to you as possible, occasionally communicating his opinions in a quiet voice. He loves people and welcomes the attentions of friends and family alike.

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