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Cymric Cat

Cymric Cat

Cymric Orange Cat

Cymric Cat Breed

Come on now, if a cat if it doesn’t have a tail is it really a cat? It is if it’s a Cymric (pronounced kim-rick). While there are many cats with short or no tails, the Cymric cat along with it’s sister breed the shorthaired Manx, are the only one specifically bred to be tail-free. Sometimes said to be the offspring of a cat and a rabbit, these tailless cats are the result of a natural genetic mutation that was then breed on the Isle of Man, off the coast of Britain.

The cats are believed to date back to 1750 or later, but whether a tailless cat was born there or arrived on a ship and then spread its genes throughout the island cat population is not known. The island became famous for it’s tailless cats, and that is how the breed got its name of Manx. The Manx has long been recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, The International Cat Association, and other cat registries. A longhaired version was accepted by CFA as a division of the Manx in 1994. In some associations, the longhaired Manx is called a Cymric and is considered a separate breed.

Cymric Cat Information

This is a medium-size cat who weighs 8 to 12 pounds and feels surprisingly heavy when lifted.


These cats originated as mousers, and whether shorthaired or longhaired they retain their fine hunting skills and alert nature. With a Cymric around the house, you don’t need a watchdog; you’ve got a “watchcat” who reacts rapidly and will growl threateningly or maybe even go on the attack at the sight or sound of anything out of the ordinary. If he sees that you aren’t alarmed, he’ll settle back down.

When he’s not protecting his family and property from mice, stray dogs, or other threats, however, the Cymric is a mellow fellow: an even-tempered and affectionate cat who enjoys serene surroundings. That’s not to say he is inactive. This is a happy, playful cat who likes to follow his favorite person through the house and assist with whatever he or she is doing. When you are ready to relax, though, the Cymric will be in your lap, ready for a comfy nap. If no lap is available, he’ll curl up on the nearest available spot that allows him to keep an eye on you. He “speaks” in a quiet trill and will carry on a conversation if you talk to him.

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