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Burmilla Cat

Burmilla Cat


Burmilla Cat Breed

The Burmilla cat is an example of the accidental creation of a new breed of cats. The mating between a Burmese cat and a chinchilla Persian in England in 1981 produced four black shaded female kittens with short, thick coats. The breeder noticed how attractive the cat was and went on to develop what became known as the Burmilla.

The Burmilla is now recognized by Britain’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and Europe’s Federation Internationale Feline. The breed entered the Cat Fanciers Association Miscellaneous Class in February 2011.

Burmilla Cat Information

The Burmilla brings together aspects of the Burmese and the Persian into one sweet, friendly package. He is quietly affectionate and gentle but more extroverted than the typical Persian. He is adventurous but a bit of a klutz, so put away breakables when he is around.

Burmillas remain playful into adulthood. They love their people, but they aren’t excessively demanding of attention. When a lap is available, though, the Burmilla is there.

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