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American Curl Cat

American Curl Cat

American Curl Longhair Cat

American Curl – American Curl Cat Information

The American Curl cat breed is a new breed of cat. It started with a natural genetic mutation that first appeared in Shulamith, a stray black kitten with long, silky hair and, ears that curled backward. She found by Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California. The Rugas named her Shulamith after the “black and comely” princess in the Old Testament book the Song of Solomon.

American Curl cat breed

Shulamith then had a litter of four kittens by an unknown father, and two of them shared her curly ears. A consultation with a geneticist showed that the trait was caused by a dominant gene. Cat fanciers began selectively breeding the cats in 1983, and the new breed, named the American Curl cat, began to be registered by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1986. They were recognized by The International Cat Association in 1987 and achieved full recognition from CFA in 1993. With almost unheard-of rapidity, the trip from stray to pedigreed breed took only six years. The breed also stands out for being the first single breed with two coat lengths recognized by CFA.

American Curl Information

All American Curls are descended from Shulamith. The cats can be bred to other Curls or outcrossed to non-pedigreed domestic cats with straight ears that otherwise meet the Curl breed standard. This helps to ensure a large gene pool and genetic diversity. Straight-eared kittens from American Curl litters can be used in breeding programs or placed as pets.

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