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Stray Cats Upstage Obama and Putin At G20 Conference


They were just expecting Obama, Putin and Cameron to appear. Instead three stray cats walked on stage and took a very casual stroll in front of waiting newsmen.

According to reports:

A trio of cats have evaded tight security at the G20 summit and have appeared on stage as the world’s leaders gather.

Barack Obama , Vladimir Putin and David Cameron were upstaged by the cute kitties who were unexpected guests at the important global event, being held in Antalya in Turkey.

In the footage, one older cat first comes from behind the curtain and darts towards the front of the stage.

It is soon joined by two younger cats who are also keen to have their presence known.

You would think it takes a lot to upstage the leaders of the world’s biggest economies, yet all that was needed were a few cats and lax Turkish security.

Maybe this is just more evidence it’s really cats that rule the world :-)

Source: Pussington Post

Stray Cats Upstage Obama and Putin At G20 Conference

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