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PEI Veterinarians Debate End To Declawing But Decide to Continue


Prince Edward Island is a small maritime province of Canada. According to CBC news veterinarians there have been debating whether or not to continue with the practice of declawing cats. It seems they already banned cosmetic surgery on dogs five years ago which they consider unethical. Next year they will ban the practice of tail and ear cropping. However, they decided to continue declawing of cats, though they will ask a committee to do more research. In the CBC article subtitled Declawing Cats Not Added to Unethical Procedures List veterinary association registrar Dr Gary Morgan gave the following reason:

“The declawing of cats is seen by many veterinarians as not a cosmetic procedure, but more as a functional one”.

“It’s not performed for reasons of changing appearance. It’s performed for, in some people’s minds, reasons of safety or concern about damage to people or objects.”

Morgan said some veterinarians are concerned that some owners will abandon their cats or have their cats put down if declawing is not offered.

People wanting to have their cats declawed may be offered alternatives to the procedure before it is performed, such as behaviour modification, trimming claws more often and using special paw covers.

We think handing this issue over to a committee for more research is just stonewalling. For heavens sake they are vets: they know all about the problems caused by declawing. No doubt similar tactics are being used all over North America to prevent a ban. Declawing is however banned in England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and many other places.

We would love to hear your own views on this.


Source: Pussington Post

PEI Veterinarians Debate End To Declawing But Decide to Continue

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