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October 2014

smug cat
Six toed cat family

These Kittens Have Six Toes

Four kittens out of a litter of six have been born with 6 toes! Medically referred to as ‘polydactyl’ it is said to give the cats increased climbing abilities.

The cats were found abandoned and taken to the Cats Protection Birmingham Adoption Centre in July after being found at eight weeks old, along with their mother.

In all eight cats were rescued from the same family, six of them were kittens, and four of those kittens were polydactyl.

Cats normally have five digits on both front paws and only four on each rear paw, but the most of this group were born with six claws, with some even having seven per paw.

Alison Dickenson, 47, the Deputy Manager at the Cats Protection Birmingham Adoption Centre said, “When they came into the center nearly all the litter were polydactyl.”

“It was just a couple of digits off being a world record for being the litter with the most digits. I think there was something ridiculous like 180 claws in all, or something.”

“It must be the most ever found in the UK, at least.”

“They came in with their mother in July, but they have all been re-homed now.”

“Occasionally you will see a kitten with extra claws but to get the majority of the litter with additional digits was extraordinary.”

Six toed cat paw
Sue Dudley, 45, was happy to adopt two of the kittens, naming them Connie and Clyde.

Sue is full of praise for the kitties saying, “Clyde looks like The Fonz with those paws.”

“They’re definitely more pronounced and they stick out. They’re like boxing gloves” she added.

“Neither cat has been out yet but they’re definitely climbers and Clyde has a lot of balance on the curved bed board.”

“He splays his paw when I give him a treat, I go to give him a biscuit and he gives me a high five.”

“And he’ll run with a crinkly ball between his feet like a footballer, he’s a superb dribbler.”

“They were quite good on ships because they have got this extra toe to help them balance. I’ve researched this myself because I’d never heard of polydactyl cats.”

Cats with this trait are most commonly found in the US and Canada where they were used as ship’s cats.

In Europe they are not so popular and were historically destroyed over superstitions about witchcraft.

Polydactyl cats were once used to advertise Cravendale milk.

The commercial asked the question, ‘Why do cats stare when you’re pouring milk? It’s like they know it’s only a matter of time. Time – the only thing between them and opposable thumbs. Imagine that? Cats with thumbs. And what if they got together?’

The commercial has a feline gang snapping their fingers and another cat reading a book on military strategy.


Babybel the 3 legged kitten

Kitten loses leg in mouse trap

This little kitten lost her right front paw in a mousetrap trying to get a bite to eat.

Believed to be a stray, this tiny black and white cat was nearly killed when the trap slammed shut on her leg, fortunately a passer-by heard her faint cries coming from a garden in Lewknor, Oxfordshire, and rescued her.

Now rescued this adorable kitten, now called Babybel, was rushed to an animal hospital in London where vets performed the amputation.

Cristina Bull, a veterinary surgeon at the animal hospital, said the trap had caused irreversible neurological damage which, along with an infection meant the leg had to be amputated.

Saying, “Babybel was very lucky she was found otherwise she wouldn’t have survived much longer.”

After the kitten had recovered, she was then taken to the Blue Cross animal rescue charity who thought her injury would prevent her from finding a new home.

Once again fortune has favoured Babybel with animal lover Tasha Henderson adopting her, as a companion for her four-year-old cat named George.

Babybel the 3 legged kitten

Tasha, 37, her husband Adrian, 40, and their 3 year old son Albie, who live in Thame, Oxon, said that the cat was ‘fearless’ despite her traumatic ordeal.

Tasha said, “We wanted to get a kitten and had been on the list at Blue Cross for three months.”

“Then we saw the pictures of her and thought she was adorable.”

“We’ve had her a couple of weeks now and she’s absolutely mad. She jumps all over the place like a rabbit.”

“She is totally fearless and after what happened she isn’t scared of anything.”

Blue Cross has cared for over 40,000 sick, injured and homeless pets every year since it opened the world’s first animal hospital in 1906.


Dogs blood transfusion saves Cat’s life

A Florida’s Key West cat named Buttercup has been saved after receiving blood from a dog as there were no other suitable donors.

In a rare procedure called a xenotransfusion, blood was transfused from the dog because it would have taken too long to get cat blood shipped in to save Buttercup.

The local news station, Keysnet, reported that Dr. Sean Perry from the Marathon Veterinary Hospital said, “It’s a situation where you can’t give type A blood to a type B blood cat because it’ll cause a severe immune reaction.

“It was actually safer to give the cat dog’s blood. It’s a practice that’s been used in the past but it’s not common.” he added.

Ernie Saunders, the cats owner brought his cat Buttercup to the vets after the cat became lethargic, where it was discovered that the cat was anaemic, with red blood cells count down to 7 percent.

“Cat’s blood is a little harder to come by and not as available as dog’s blood.” Perry said.

“We had greyhound blood packs that we get from a blood bank that has red blood cells separated from plasma, so we tried that, and Buttercup has since showed no signs of rejection.”

He joked that now with his newfound dog blood hopes this doesn’t lead to a further identity crisis.
Meet Lilieput, Worlds shortest Cat

Meet Lilieput, Worlds shortest Cat

A new Munchkin cat is now the Shortest Living Domestic Cat in the Guinness World Records for 2015.
The cat is named Lilieput, a 10 year old female Munchkin cat, with a height of 13.34 cm (5.25 in) from her shoulders to the floor recorded on July 19, 2013, and resides with owner Christel Young (USA) of Napa, California, USA.

Christel Young found this stray cat at about 2 year olds, Lilieput, and adopted her. Then last year she applied to Guinness World Records via their website.

Christel said, “She is unique and I set out to prove that”.

Christel told the Napa Valley Register, that over the years Lilieput has been called a “freak” or “weirdo” for her size and appearance, but now that she is a world record holder people are nicer.

Meet Lilieput, Worlds shortest Cat
“I’m getting more astonishment from people like, ‘Oh, look how cute!’ or ‘She’s adorable!’ I’m getting a lot nicer comments about her.”

“And I get more comments on Facebook every day, people saying ‘Oh my God, is that your cat?’”

Christel says she thought it was important for her to get Lilieput’s special record holding size confirmed before it was too late.

“She’s 10 years old now, and that’s actually near the maximum age for a Munchkin. She’s started getting pancreatitis. She’s moving a bit slower. I don’t want her to go through any stress. She’s being a good pet; that’s all she’s really wanted to be and that’s all she is.”

Pixel, the little Munchkin cat who made headlines earlier this year, is the daughter of a previous record holder named Fizz Girl, and is also from California. Pixel’s breeders pet mom claimed earlier this year that she measures 5 inches tall to her shoulders, but Guinness decided that Lilieput is the shorter of the two.




October 2014

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