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November 2014

cat with bird feeder stuck on his head
Olaf the cross eyed cat

Cross Eyed Kitten Rescued in Toledo

An employee of Paws and Whiskers Cat Shelter in Toledo, OH found the male kitten on a sidewalk during a snowstorm in -25F. He was sick, tired, hungry and nearly frozen.

Now named Olaf this 6 month old gray tabby quickly recovered but needed surgery to save his vision.
A cat specialist found that the problem with Olaf’s eyes was that he was born with most of his upper eyelids missing. This left the kitten unable to blink or fully close his eyes and with no protection, his eyes got irritated and scratched, even by his own fur.

Three thousand dollars was raised for the operation and Dr. Gwen Sila of Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital in Ann Arbor did the repair by taking skin from the corners of his mouth and grafted it onto his eyelids.

After making a full recovery the doctor said that Olaf’s crossed eyes were not related to his eyelid problem, and that he will most likely remain cross-eyed for the rest of his life.



world cat show 2014

Worlds Biggest Cat Show

The best felines on the planet were on hand at an international cat show in Prague last weekend.

Around 1,600 cats, from Persian and exotic breeds, down to the ordinary house cat, were judged on everything from their markings to their physical characteristics, in a all out competition to be named best in breed.





November 2014

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