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New Design Litter Tray Proposed To Improve Life For Cat Owners

Kitty Litter

An inventor has proposed a way to get rid the smelly, dusty and wasteful mess associated with traditional litter and replace it with an eco-friendly, 100% natural, clean, dust-free and inexpensive alternative. When it comes into production it may revolutionise the life of many cat owners. According to the Kickstarter campaign which is receiving a great deal of interest:

“After adopting four rescue kittens, we were up to our ears in disgusting cat litter,” says Halifax, Nova Scotia-based entrepreneur Mark Fenwick, CEO of Catchwise Inc. and lead designer of The Cat’s Ask. “We tried pretty much every litter product on the market and weren’t happy with any of them.”

“In other words, we invented The Cat’s Ask out of sheer desperation,” he says.

The Cat’s Ask is a two-tiered litterbox that replaces traditional cat litter with sustainable safflower seeds, an oil seed usually sold as bird seed. The litterbox’s design allows liquid waste (aka pee) to filter through a grate and into a hidden collector, and then is later flushed. Poop is scooped and also flushed. Seeds are spritzed with vinegar and water and stay fresh and clean for a month, even with multiple cats. Meanwhile, the used seeds are eco-friendly enough for the compost bin. Which means that ALL the litter waste is either flushed or composted, resulting in zero garbage.

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The Kickstarter campaign currently has over 100 backers – you too can join them and get your own for $110 at

Source: Pussington Post

New Design Litter Tray Proposed To Improve Life For Cat Owners

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