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New Animal Abuse Register: Other States to Follow?


On January 1st 2016 the state of Tennessee will become the first to have a register of animal abusers. While a few US cities have adopted this measure this is the first to be statewide. It is believed that 11 other states are preparing to follow suit. The Tennessee register will be available to the public and not restricted to organisations involved with animals.

As quoted in the Inquisitr Senator Jeff Yarbro – who sponsored this legislation – stated:

We proposed this law not just to take a stand against animal cruelty, but to take concrete action to prevent abuse and deter those who repeatedly engage in the torture and killing of animals.

We warmly congratulate the animal loving senator for leading the way with this groundbreaking initiative.

Please let us know your own views on the introduction of animal abuse registers.

Source: Pussington Post

New Animal Abuse Register: Other States to Follow?

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