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“My Wife’s Lovers” World’s Largest Cat Painting Auctioned


Auction house Sotherby’s has just auctioned a massive 6 x 8.5 foot painting of 42 of her many cats. They say that in 1891 Mrs Kate Johnson who was possibly America’s greatest cat enthusiast commissioned artist Carl Kahler to paint a portrait of some of her 350 cats who all lived together in great luxury in her California home.

According to the Sotheby’s catalog the “350 fancy Persians and Angoras were attended to by a troop of servants and entertained by parrots and cockatoos and that each cat had a name and recognized that name when called”

Johnson, “possibly America’s greatest cat enthusiast,” according to Sotheby’s, wrote in her will that $500,000 was to go to the “perpetual care and comfort” of her cats. You can see some detail of the cats in Sotherby’s own video below.

Source: Pussington Post

“My Wife’s Lovers” World’s Largest Cat Painting Auctioned

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