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Lt. Dan (@rukasthecat) was relaxing & learning some…

Lt. Dan (@rukasthecat) was relaxing & learning some fantastic information at #BetterWithPets today! In a panel with Dr. Shaun Kennedy, we learned the stringent regulations and care that goes into the safety of pet nutrition. @Purina has been innovator in this area, often having much more stringent regulations on food than what is required by the USDA. In fact, most pet food recalls are initiated by the company themselves and a vast majority due to mislabeling, NOT due to any risk or harm to animal or human health. You can follow all the information today at #LetsLiveBig and on Snapchat: PurinaPetCare #ad [source: ]

Source: Cats of Instagram

Lt. Dan (@rukasthecat) was relaxing & learning some…

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