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June 2014

body language -threatened cat
Tara Dennis with rescued cat

Woman and Cat Rescued from Tree

Erie, Pennsylvania. Firefighters responded to a call of a woman stuck up a tree on Sunday. 21 year old Tara Dennis climbed 40 feet up into the tree in an effort to save an orange tabby cat she and neighbors say was crying for help for a two days.

Erie firefighters had to use a 28 foot ladderto help Tara and the cat get safely back down on the ground. Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Carroll said the rescuers brought the cat down first, then helped Tara to descend.

“I love animals,” Tara explaining. “I couldn’t let the cat stay up there.”

Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Carroll says the department normally advise residents to wait for cats to come down on their own.

Tara said she climbed a fence to get onto a garage roof and then “hopped onto the first branch” of the tree.

“I got the cat,” she said. “I put it in my shirt.”

Tara began climbing back down the tree with the cat but realized part way down that she was stuck, and a neighbor had to call 911.

Tara and other neighbors at the scene were not sure of the cat’s name or owner.


A 17 year old cat named Ashton

Cat Alerts Family To Fire

A 17 year old cat called Ashton is being credited with saving his family and his fellow pets, along with their home, when he woke his petmom to alert her to a fire burning in the garage.

A fire broke out at the Marko family’s home in Aberdeen, South Dakota late Saturday night.

“It was coming out that back door of the garage when the firemen arrived. Flames were about 4 feet high,” Terry Marko said.

Mr. Marko and his wife say they owe their lives to Ashton and his persistent and odd behavior that night.

“We’d gone to bed, and this cat started nudging my wife in the face. She said, ‘Ashton, leave me alone, I want to sleep,’ and she sat up in the bed to put him on the floor. Then she said ‘there’s smoke in the house!’” Terry said.

The Markos said Ashton is well known to rub up against people but he has never nudged at someone’s face before. They’re certain he was alerting them to the fire.

Ashton not only saved himself and his pet parents, he saved his fellow pets; two dogs and another cat.

Firefighters used a pet oxygen mask on one of the dogs. This was the fire department’s first time using one of the masks, which were donated by a local Girl Scout. The donation included masks in a range of sizes, including one for use on cats and other small pets.

“We keep them on the truck, and we’ve had them a couple years. This is the first chance we’ve had to use it,” Aberdeen Fire & Rescue Battalion Chief, Stacy Vrchota said.

“The small dog was looking a little lethargic and tired after the fire. He tolerated the mask. It was a good outcome, Vrchota said.

The Markos don’t know how much longer they will have their old friend, but they will never forget the night he saved them from a fire.

Tulip and Daisy Wow in Synchronized hip hop

A new video shows two kittens performing a perfectly synchronized head bop to some up-tempo beats.

The cats are seen watching DJ Snake and Lil Jon’s 2013 club sensation Turn Down For What play on television.

As the drums roll and the baseline sounds, the kittens rhythmically shake their heads.

The talented cats – named Tulip and Daisy – were filmed at the home of Hayley Markham and Andrew Kerr.

The married couple from Virginia were temporarily fostering them and the kittens have now been returned to the Animal Welfare League shelter in Arlington.

Mr Kerr included a link to the organization’s website along with the YouTube video, in the hope that viewers would consider adopting the cats.

Both cats are two months old, with Tulip having a grey coat and Daisy a mix of black and orange.

To date, the clip of them dancing has been watched more than 600,000 times since it was uploaded on May 29.


2 Legged cat's Amazing Story

Boots the 2 Legged Cat’s Amazing Story

A darling and clever little cat with prosthetics on her hind legs is making news this week after a little video of her going down the stairs started making the rounds.

In the 9 second video, uploaded on May 29 and titled ’Double Amputee Cat Flying Handstand,’ Boots, who is missing her hind feet and wearing a pair of blue boot prosthetics in their place, hesitates just a moment at the top of the stairs before flipping herself onto her front paws and flying down the stairs doing the fastest moving handstand you’ve ever seen.

Boots’ pet mom Megan Brocato introduces the video, saying: “Boots is a double amputee cat that was saved from euthanasia at just 10 days old.

Life is hard for any orphan kitten, but even that much harder for a kitten with just 2 paws. Her blue “house slippers” were made by OrthoPets in Denver, where she will continue to receive care for her “disabilities”.

In our opinion, she is not handicapped in the least bit! You can read more about Boots’ story at, (the website of Denver, Colorado based Life is Better Rescue).” Boots and her littermate were dumped in the night-dropbox at the local shelter at just two weeks old. Boots’ hind feet were missing and had been unevenly severed in some sort of accident.

Rescue writes: “The doctors have confirmed that her limb amputations were not as the result of a birth disorder and were not naturally occurring, both bones are quite ragged and the exposed nerve endings cause her pain as she grows, gains weight, and tries to walk on what are essentially exposed nubs.

Our best guess was that she was either closed in a door or perhaps caught in a recliner as it came upright, not intentional, but certainly being dropped in the night box at the municipal shelter not a humane solution. “She will eventually need surgery to clean up the ends of her legs, and to help fit the prosthetics.

In the meantime, she now wears “house slippers” to help to teach her to walk with her back straight, to keep her muscles from atrophying, and to help spare her the pain of walking on the painful ends of where she should have tiny kitten feet.” “Boots came to live with me when she was about 5 – 6 weeks old,” Megan said. “She had been passed up by other rescue groups because she was missing her rear paws. ” “A vet in Denver fitted her for “house slippers” (the prosthetics) when she was 6 months old.” “It was tough as she re-learned how to walk. But as you can see from our video, she has no problem now.”

Even though Boots has learned to walk and to compensate for her challenges, she will need surgery to even off her leg stumps and get permanently fitted prosthetics.


June 2014

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