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July 2014

body language -happy cat
Cat's body language, how does it work?

Cat’s body language, how does it work?

The meowing, it’s not really that interesting. It’s not their language. Cats are mostly generating this sound for us humans because we react to it. It resembles the sound that human babies make. The real language of cats is based on gestures. Simple but very subtle and easy to miss.

If a cat wants you to do something, she will use body language to act out the action she wants, by example. For instance, if she would like you to go to the kitchen, she might look at you, and nod in the direction of the kitchen. Interestingly, cats do seem to have the same understanding of nodding as we humans do. A vertical nod means approval, while a shaking of one’s head means disapproval.

This is how cats interact with humans. The way they interact among each other is similar, but even more subtle. They will pick up even the finest nuances in body language. When they talk to us, they feel a bit like talking to an idiot, and they need to repeat the message a lot until we understand it.
Sad Kitty picture

Sad Kitty

With sad eyes and an upside-down smile, there’s a new feline in town to rival Grumpy Cat.

This mournful kitten, whose photographs appeared on Imgur this weekend, is owned by Ashley Herring and presently has no name.

Because of its woeful expression, the female kitten has earned the temporary nickname Purrmanently Sad Cat or PSC for short.

Ms Herring is asking for name suggestions from fans, with Nugget, Meowancholia, Bojangles and Happy in the running.

Despite the sad face, Ms Herring says PSC has no need to be unhappy.

‘She lives the life of luxury, attacking my toes from under the bed, chewing on fingertips, following my dog around, and picking on her siblings!’

In the last three days more than 370,000 people have viewed the tiny pet’s photos on Imgur.

One shot shows her looking at the camera with her big blue eyes, while she aggressively hisses in another.

‘That cat will end up getting everything it has ever wanted,’ one fan said of PSC.

Another added that the kitten appeared to be an ’emo’ with ‘built-in eyeliner.’


July 2014

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