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January 2015

Cute cat cv
cat caught in car engine

Cat rescued from car engine

Mechanic Wolfgang Werner, 38, started his day just like any other at the German Automobile Club in Munich, Germany.

Driving in a customers car in need of a check up he heard a weird screeching sound coming from under the hood and the smell of something burning.

After popping the hood Wolfgang was stunned to find a cat caught up in the fan belt. After calling a vet he quickly got to work rescuing the terrified kitty.

injured cat
Werner said, “I had to dismantle part of the engine to get the cat out, and it was handed over to a vet that had been called to take care of it.”

The Munich Animal Rescue Association has the cat now and said it was on the road to recovery and they wanted to remind everyone that it was not unusual for animals to take shelter in engines when the weather gets cold.



Emerald green cat

Emerald Green Cat Gets a Bath

Remember the Emerald Green Cat from Bulgaria? Well some residents of Varna captures the beast and gave it a bath.

Now the cat looks a little more respectable as a normal tabby with just a hint of the green color left in those hard to get places.


Marty the cat

Marty the Cat Knows How to Get His Own Way

Doesn’t this cat look just like Puss in Boots from Shrek? With the same BIG black eyes and irresistible earnest-sad-forlorn expression.

With this look Marty has learned how to play people brilliant just like Shrek’s Puss. That cat would switch from fierce fighter to a meek puddycat who would then melt his foe and strike!

Owned by Colleen Pettit, 27, from San Francisco, took this photo when Marty couldn’t sit on her lap.

Colleen said, “At the time of the photo, I was sitting on the couch with my computer on my lap. Which is strictly his spot.”

“I think the combination of my lap being occupied and my typing made him a little upset.”

After Marty pulled that look Colleen said she caved. “It works every single time. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to give into a face like that.”






January 2015

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