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February 2015

Marty the cat
Angry Persian Cat

This Persian Cat’s Got Attitude

Jennifer Morales’ Persian cat has some serious attitude as can be seen in this Youtube video.

Seated on the coffee table it it’s owners home, the cat looks annoyed as it taunts Jennifer be pushing the TV remote towards the tables edge before pushing it off.

With an evil glare, the cat then proceeds to push a glass to the edge while the own pleads NO, NO, NO causing the cat to hesitate.

Finally with one last stare at the Jennifer the cat pushes the glass one little bit more, knocking it off the table where it breaks on the floor.




Bart the Zombie Cat

Bart the Zombie Cat

This Tampa Bay feline had been hit by a car when Ellis Hutson, the cats owner found him. Saying that the cat was cold and with no movement and that he sot out the advice of a vet who confirmed that the cat dead.

Returning home, Ellis buried the cat outback and to his amazement, 5 days later his neighbor, Dusty Albritton, was at his door with the cat.

The cat is now at the Tampa Bay Humane Society where it is being treated for a head injury, broken jaw and damaged eye.

Ellis speculates that it may have been another cat that dug up Bart.

The cat is now in a custody battle between the owner and the shelter with the shelter issuing a statement saying, “Recently we have learned new information about Bart’s home environment and the circumstances leading up to his burial.”

“Therefore, the Humane Society of Tampa Bay does not intend to return Bart to the family.

“We are prepared to fight for the best interests of this cat.”

Bart is currently recovering at the animal hospital from


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February 2015

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