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Cat’s Hair Style with Shaver


Cat’s Hair Style with Shaver

Other than periodic brushing, cats usually require minimal grooming. They are  generally fastidious about cleaning their fur and, unless they spend most of  their time outside, don’t get very dirty. However, a cat may sometimes need to  have its fur clipped with an electric shaver. The development of mats in its fur   (clumps that form deep in the coat) or when the weather gets very hot are such  examples. Cutting a cat’s hair with an electric shaver requires knowing how much  fur needs to be removed.

How to Trim Hair on Cats Between the Pads


Brush the cat’s coat thoroughly using a slicker brush, which is designed to  remove minor tangles and mats. Use a detangling comb for any mats you could not  remove by brushing. Brush or comb the cat’s hair in the direction that it is  growing.


Secure a clipper gate attachment onto the head of a set of electric pet grooming  clippers. Snap the attachment into place. Use a large (1-inch) clipper gate  attachment if you are only removing a small amount of hair. Attach a shorter  (such as a 1/2-inch) attachment if you wish to leave only a thin layer of fur.  Leave the attachments off if you plan to completely shave off the cat’s coat,  such as in a lion cut.


        Start at the top of the cat’s neck and cut going in the direction the fur is  growing down to the base of the tail, pulling the shavers toward you as you cut.  Move down the sides of the cat and make the same cuts along the rib cage to the  top of the thigh. Make the same cut on the other side of the cat.


         Take the clippers and shave in an even downward motion down the front leg, back  leg (both inside and out) and chest. Hold the cat steady as you shave underneath  it on the chest area.


Trim the hair on the top of the head to be slightly longer than the hair on  the rest of the coat. Switch to a larger clipper gate attachment and trim just  above the eyes and between the ears to the top of the neck. Do not shave the  face, stomach or base of the tail — use scissors if any trimming must be done  in those areas


       Brush or comb the cat’s fur again after clipping (unless the fur has been  completely shaved) to remove any loose fur.


Cat’s Hair Style with Shaver

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