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Cat survives 36 days in a box

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Cat survives 36 in a box

Cat survives 36 days in a box

The Barths family were all packed up and ready go, as there planned move from Virginia to Hawaii was on schedule, when they could find their cat.

Certain their beloved cat would turn up the family waited around for the next 3 days with no luck. Heartbroken they gave up on ever seeing the kitty again and flew to there new home in Maui.

Unpacking there shipping container 36 days after they had packed it they heard a faint meow. Tracking down the sound to a box that was quickly open to find their missing cat.

Ashley Barth, told the local news “The guy goes, ‘What was that sound?’ and my heart just kind of sunk for a minute. And I thought, ‘No, no way.’ And then we heard it again. And the guy said, ‘Was that a cat?’”

Miraculously the cat had managed to survive with no food or water for an unbelievable 36 days! The 10 year old cat wasn’t in good shape having lost half of it body weight and eyes were crusted shut.

The cat is currently in a 3 month quarantine because she didn’t receive the necessary vaccinations required by the state of Hawaii.




Cat survives 36 days in a box

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