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Cat Survives 26 Story Fall

Cat falls from window
cat 26

Cat Survives 26 Story Fall

This 18 month old cat named Jommi, from Hong Kong is feeling just fine after falling 26 storeys from an apartment window.

Owner Al Ling said the cat was playing by the window in the apartment when he went into the kitchen, when he returned the cat was gone.

After searching the home fruitlessly, Ling turned his attention to the open window. Horrified he looked out the window saying, “I looked over the edge and saw a large hole in a tent 26-storeys below, and I knew she had gone over.”

Jommi's great plunge

Rushing down to the ground floor Ling said, ‘I really did fear the worst and was convinced I would find her dead.”

When he reached the tent he said, “When I went inside I found her licking her paws as if nothing had happened.”

Adding, “The force of her impact was so great she had bent the tent’s aluminium frame.”

A stunned Ling took Jommi back home and say she’s now the most spoiled cat in history.

Bent tent pole from Jommi fall

Cat Survives 26 Story Fall

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