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Bombay Cat Breed


Bombay Cat Breed

The Bombay Cat is named after the port city of India, but has no connection with the subcontinent which was created from crosses between sable Burmese and black American Shorthairs to resemble a black panther in miniature.

Bombay Cat Information

Cat breeder Nikki Horner of Louisville, Kentucky, developed the Bombay, starting in the late 1950s. Her goal was a sleek, shiny black cat with a muscular body and friendly temperament. British breeders achieved the same look and personality with crosses of Burmese and black domestic shorthairs.

The Cat Fanciers Association gave the Bombay full recognition in 1978. Today the breed is recognized by all cat associations. To maintain their body type and coat texture, Bombays may be outcrossed to sable Burmese. The CFA also permits outcrosses to black American Shorthairs, but this is rarely done because of differences in body type.

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Bombay Cat Breed

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