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August 2014

Cat's body language, how does it work?

Meet Hamilton the hipster cat

Hamilton has a majestic curly white moustache, and has become an internet hit, with hundreds of thousands of fans.

All because Hamilton the hipster cat was born with the perfect moustache.

Hamilton has over 100,000 Facebook likes, 550,000 Instagram followers, over 10,000 Twitter followers, and has now landed a role in a Friskies music video.

Hamilton was found abandoned in San Francisco and was 2 years old when he was put up for adoption at the Human Society Silicon Valley.

Comedian Jay Stowe fell in love with him and adopted him into his home.

Now he has newly-acquired manager, and an Urban Outfitters T-shirt deal in the planned, meaning he could become the world’s next favourite cat.

Jay describes him as “the most interesting cat in the world.”


Nala instagram hit

Cat has 1 million instagram followers

An abandoned cat is now an internet hit with more than one million followers on Instagram. The adorable antics of a cat named Nala has warmed the hearts of people all over the world. New owner Varisiri Mathachittiphan said, “When Nala licked my face I knew she was the one that I was going to take home.” “But it wasn’t until she was adopted and cared for, that she became the lovable cat she is today.” “After love and attention, and some medicine, Nala is now back to full health..”


Varisiri said, “Nala is like a lot of cats, curious and playful, but she is different in her own way.” “I started Nala’s Instagram account two years ago to share her with my friends, but I had no idea that it would come this far.” Man wanted by police for kicking cat

Ohio thug boots Cat

Video has emerged of a man kicking a cat through the air, while his friend is filming the incident and laughing. 5,000 people have already signed a petition asking Akron police to find and arrest the man. Fortunately, the cat landed on its feet and appeared unhurt. Police said they are investigating after NewsNet5 contacted the police department. “He didn’t show any sort of regret, as he and his buddies were having a big laugh about what just happened. You can also imagine that the cat didn’t enjoy this!” the petition said. In Ohio the penalty for animal cruelty is up to 90 days in jail and a fine of up to $2,500, paid to animal protection groups.   Bad Kitty video sales pitch

Bad Kitty Scratches and Bites Owner in Video

This unidentified pet owner is seen in this video making a plea for someone to take her cat. “I decided to get rid of my lovely cat,” she says as the feline suddenly bites her hand. “He’s free, with a litter box!” the woman exclaims as she is being bitten.” The woman then attempts tries to bribe viewers by including free cat food. She claims that he ‘loves to play’ and blames his bad behaviour to teething. “He’s very affectionate, He’s fixed, and he has all his shots,” she adds Finally she gives up and admits, “This cat is stressing me out. I don’t want him anymore. If you want him let me know and I will pack him up in a box today and give him to you for free.” Despite its bad behavior, viewers have offered to adopt the pet.   cat with bird feeder stuck on his head

Cat with head stuck in bird feeder

Rescuers have been trying to catch a cat with a bird feeder stuck on its head in Manitoba have said their efforts are being sabotaged. The Brandon and Area Lost Animals group placed traps around the area over a week ago after the cat, “Butterscotch”, was spotted with the bird feeder stuck on its head in a Brandon neighbourhood. The cat could still see out of one eye and was still able to run, even jumping, to escape the rescuers. Rescuers have said that a man in the neighbourhood has shone lights, clapped his hands, yelled, and chased Butterscotch away. They said they’ve have relocated their traps to private property, but their traps have been found and deliberately damaged. Volunteers spotted a man at night moving around the traps and shining bright lights, but that he retreats back his own property by the time police arrive. “Police have advised us to call them when we need to. Police officers on duty have been supportive and assisted however they could,” said Toni Gramiak, group organizer, in an email. “Police have suggested we move the trap away from the man’s sights, which we did. The man searched for, and found the new location each time.” Butterscotch, named because the colouring, is thought to be a stray and is frightened of people. That is why the rescue group has asked that people keep clear of traps. They’ve also asked anyone who spots the cat to report the location to them. The traps have been baited with tuna, sardines, and cat food but Butterscotch has so far avoided them. It said volunteers were disheartened to find the traps had been toppled over and damaged. It’s expensive trap will need to be repaired before it can be re-used.


The cat has now been capture. It was not a bird feeder but a insect trap. The cat is now doing fine but they still have not found the cat’s owner.

August 2014

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