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Acclaimed Musician Writes Music For Cats – Scientists Confirm They Love It


An acclaimed classical musician is writing music specially designed to appeal to cats. David Tele has discovered that a cat’s sound world develops after it is born – rather than from the sound of a mother’s heartbeat in the womb, as it does for humans. The sounds of purring, birds chirping or suckling as a kitten strongly influences the way a cat responds to sound.

Science have already confirmed that the music David Tele has composed for cats can entertain them and enrich their lives. He has now raised $241,651 from the public. According to Oddity Central in an article This Man Has Raised $220,000 to Make Music for Cats:

So Teie studied the wave forms of actual purrs, and realised that each beat actually had two sounds, like a quick heartbeat. He then created a new instrument on his computer that could mimic the opening and closing sounds of a cat’s vocal cords. On top of the musica purrs, he layered sliding songs of kittens, mewing up into the ultrasonic range. But his real breakthrough came when he realised that he could write music that both humans and cats could enjoy.

“I realized that I could write music that would provide a shared emotional experience for cats and their humans,” he said. “I could write cat music that I’d also enjoy listening to.”

We greatly look forward to watching the way our own cats respond to David Tele’s new music when it is finally released.

Source: Pussington Post

Acclaimed Musician Writes Music For Cats – Scientists Confirm They Love It

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